The Law Offices of Dayton Magallanes has extensive experience in the field of Civil Rights litigation, particularly focusing on the rights of the disabled. We serve the disabled as zealous advocates in equal access to all public accomodations, as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act. As staunch representatives on behalf of the disabled, we WILL fight for equal access to public accommodations until every facility offers equality to all.

We are a full service law firm located in Los Angeles, CA. We stand as the leader in the field of civil rights law, particularly focusing on rights of the disabled under the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you are a disabled individual, or know someone who is, and have encountered discrimination in a public accomodation such as a restaurant, contact us to learn of your rights! You are ENTITLED to compensation by law under the ADA for each violation you encounter in the sum of $4,000.

This discrimination takes form in manners taken for granted by the able-bodied, including unequal access to restroom toilets due to a lack of approach (grab) bars, raised mirrors and soap dispensers, precluding one from seeing one's own reflection or from washing one's hands, or raised toilet seat cover dispensers, preventing equal access to sanity protection assumed by the able-bodied.

If you are disabled and have encountered this type of discrimination, call us for a free consultation. You are entitled to remuneration by law. Let our office help lead you through the treacherous waters of litigation safely. Call us today.